How weekends are supposed to be

Of all the days in the week, Friday would be my favorite. Friday means we get to go to church and thank God for all the blessings and its the time when we’re complete and spend quality time.

Some say my patience with kids is admirable but honestly i really love kids. They make my inner self feel alive. They bring so much joy even though most of the times they’re naughty.

So last last Friday, May 5, we decided to go to Dubai Festival City.

DSC_0054.JPGHonestly, I enjoyed it way more than my niece did. I’ll forever be kid at heart.

Around 6 pm, we went outside to watch Dubai’s newest attraction called Imagine. It was my first time to watch it. It was so good!! Tho it only lasted for like 3 minutes and I wanted it to last a little longer. But one of my friends told me that at 8 pm, the show has a combination of lights, water and fire, that was what Imagine really has to offer. We weren’t able to watch it because we thought that was it. Maybe next time we’ll wait for it. 


Ended our day with a simple dinner. Pizza!! ✨


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