Mother and daughter bonding

Hi! Its been almost two weeks since my last blog. I was really busy since exams are coming and i have to study and study all day, everyday. So yeah, i kinda miss posting and sharing stories so I decided to post something today.


One fact about me is that I have curly hair. So I always tend to rebond my hair once a year to lessen the insecurities I feel. And its my birth month already!! I’m so excited. 🙈 Anyways back to the story, here are some shots of yesterday’s agenda.

I really had to study since it would take 4 hours (or more) and I don’t want to waste my time 🙈



We can’t decide what to eat for dinner since we finished at around 9 pm and we didn’t want to eat rice or anything heavy. Luckily we were both craving for shawarma so we decided to satisfy our cravings.


Oh and by the way, Ramadan Kareem to all the Muslims out there! ✨

Deira City Center
Burjuman Mall

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