A decade and eight

Since its June 24 already, the countdown begins! Two more days and I’m officially 18.

June 10 2017 —  two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with my friends from high school and college. We celebrated it with the help of Xclusive Yachts in Dubai Marina. It was my mom’s idea to celebrate it this way since I can’t have my debut.

It was so sweet of them to decorate the yacht even though it was still Ramadan


It was my first time riding a yacht. It feels surreal! I can’t explain it but having the chance to watch the sunset, overlooking the ocean, is one of the best way to celebrate.

Thank you garjuds and squad! And especially to my parents. This once in a lifetime experience wouldn’t possible without them. They always make sure that I get nothing but the best. I’m so blessed to have the best parents in the world. They may not be perfect but they’re more than enough for me. Shoutout to my godmother for providing a professional photographer! The shots were amazing.


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