Summer Vacation!

To travel around the world is my ultimate goal in life. Being able to travel makes my heart so happy. But as much as I want to travel, riding a plane makes me so anxious. Especially when the plane is about to takeoff. It feels like that my heart would escape or something. But the anxiety I am feeling is replaced from genuine happiness when I get to see the clouds. It’s just so beautiful!! 

Look there’s a rainbow!! 😍

When we reached the Philippines we were able to see the sunset!! It was so surreal, to be honest the picture I took cant justify the beauty of the sun. 

After 2 long years of not being able to travel somewhere, I’m finally going home!! I’ve always wanted to visit home since I miss my mommy (grandmother). I call her mommy since she doesn’t want to be called “lola”. But most especially my best friends since high school. 

We arrived last June 30, 11 pm. And its our fourth day here in the Philippines!! It may be hot but I really missed home. I’m also sad that my parents weren’t here with me 😦 i somehow feel homesick, i miss their presence. I hope next year we could go home all together. 


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