An island filled with art

Last Friday, we went to Art in Island in Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila. The entrance fee is for ₽500, but if you are a student in the Philippines or a senior citizen then you would have a discount of ₽100.

Just a reminder, bring socks since shoes are not allowed inside the museum.

One of the drawbacks of visiting new places is having to ask someone to take your picture. Good thing there were stickers on the floor that states where to stand to take the perfect angle of the picture. So whenever we ask someone to take our picture they know where to stand. Some of our group pictures were taken by setting the timer.

Part time job: being a mermaid. Heo Joon Jae where you at? (only kdrama fans will know 🙈)

Expectation VS Reality (joke)


These paintings are my personal favorite!!!

These are my ultimate favorites! When I saw all of these paintings my heart was crying! I may sound redundant but it was really beautiful. The middle part of the museum is my favorite.


I adore whoever thought of doing this kind of museum! It was such a brilliant idea. It strengthens your imagination and brings out your creative side. I hope they do something like this in Dubai!

Our experience in Art in Island is definitely one for the books!! It was so beautiful 😍 if only i can stay there I would and I will!


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